Sniffer Dog School

Does your dog dream of being a sniffer dog? 

Then it is time to enrol in Sniffer Dog School!

Scent training is a great activity as it is incredibly mentally stimulating for your dog and uses their natural talent of sniffing things out. You will learn lots about your relationship with your dog and have heaps of fun along the way. And, the best part is, any dog and any person can have a go!                                                     

Sniffer Dog School and private classes are taught by Fiona Cowie, a qualified dog trainer and an accredited instructor with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. Fiona also has 14 years experience as a professional detector dog handler.

Sessions are held at a variety of locations over the metropolitan area or even in your own home.

Beginners Level teaches you all you the theory behind scent work and introduces your dog to our first target odour - Vegemite! We then have fun teaching them how to discriminate between their target odour and other interesting smells. By week three the dogs can find thier target odour when it is hidden with three other "control" boxes. By week 5 they can find it from about 30 boxes that contain distracting smells - even dog treats - while you manoeuvre them around a course of mock hazards just like a real live operational search! Your dog will amaze you with its sniffing ability. This level consists of five fun 90 minute training classes. The cost is $250 and includes everything you will need except a dog and lots of yummy treats. 

Then you can move to our intermediate and advanced levels. In our Intermediate level we take it “out of the box” and then we take it outside…. And our Advanced Level tackles serious Vegemite smugglers when we do on-body searches! Our Masters Class undertake some amazing challenges – building searches, vehicle searches, even sniffing underwater targets out.

If a class situation is not for you, I also offer private sessions at venues ($75 per half hour) or at your home ($120 for one hour – can train multiple dogs if you like). These sessions can cover the class syllabus or be more flexible in delivery. I am happy to discuss with you what option will suit your dog.